The 25 Best Prom Dresses (For Saying ‘My Dad Owns The Moon’)

Ah, prom — that special time of year where American girlchildren dress like immortal space princesses. The intricate beading, copious sparkles, and soft, flowing fabrics are supposed to look generally flattering and feminine, but we all know the real goal is to make everyone else at the catering hall think the dress-wearer’s father is some sort of all-powerful interplanetary oligarch with limitless wealth and space capabilities. Here are 25 prom dresses that say “Maybe you haven’t heard, but my dad legit just bought the moon for like a trillion dollars.”

#25. This Tufted Diamond Suit

“Whaddup, assholes; my dad owns the moon.”

#24. This Former Curtain

“My family vacations in the Alps — the Moon Alps. My dad owns the moon.”

#23. These Twirly Cupcake Liners

“Hi, we’re twins. And no, we don’t have a secret language, so don’t even ask. Like, that’s the dumbest possible question. Why do people always ask that? It’s so bizarre. We’re just two normal, average, regular sisters whose dad owns the moon. Like, deal with it.”

#22. This Dress-Within-A-Dress (Dressception)

“This dress’ train is perfect for making big trails in the dust, so I can write ‘MY DAD OWNS THIS’ on the moon big enough for people on Earth to see it. Hee hee!”

#21. This Understated Two-Piece Moon Goddess Getup

“Hahaha, ohhhhh man, that reminds me of this hilarious thing that happened at my old school. One time our teacher got so pissed because everyone was texting memes to each other under our desks, so she, like, threw her dry erase marker, like a total freakout, but the marker kept going into space because my old school was on the moon.”

#20. This Criss-Cross Disco Ball

“Can you check if there’s any weird tan lines on my back from my dress? I had pre-prom dinner with bae on the bright side of the moon, which my father owns.”

#19. This Flamenco Nightmare

This dress says “All of you will bow down and worship me as I ride my chariot across the sky, just as soon as I get my learners permit.”

#18. This Leopard Life-Ruiner

“No, no, no, my AUNT is a big-game hunter, not my dad. My dad owns the moon.”

#17. This Bullshit

Unique Prom

“Shit, I left my dress at home and all I have is a black tablecloth and a bunch of tiles from the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot. No one will notice if I fashion a dress out of a black tablecloth and a bunch of tiles from the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot, right? What am I even saying, of course they won’t — I’m the most popular girl in school. ‘Cuz my dad owns the moon.”

#16. These Space Commander Uniforms

Left: “Our limo driver asked us if we were models. LOL!!!!”

Right: “My dad owns the moon.”

#15. This Purple Ooze

“Just airin’ out m’pits! My dad owns the moon.”

#14. This Art

“I’m sort of dating this guy who’s a fashion designer slash artist or something weird like that. He made me this dress, and I kind of hate it? But also, like, I kind of love it? My dad hates it, but he hates everything — everything except the moon.”

#13. This Sequin Collection

“Oh hey, didn’t see you there, was just over here, thinkin’ about what I’m gonna do on the moon this summer, because my dad owns it. He owns the moon. My dad does. Own it. The moon.”

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