7 Best Clothing Tips To Hide Belly Fat for Women

We might call it by a cute little name-muffin top-but many women feel that those rolls around their midsection are anything but cute. Those of us who carry a few extra pounds around our midsections are constantly searching for clothes that will conceal, or at least not accentuate, our belly fat. We often end up wearing uncomfortable Spandex undergarments or clothes that are a bit too large in our effort to camouflage the excess weight around our middles.

In this post, we’re going to look particularly at which dresses are the best for hiding belly fat. By knowing how to choose the right dress, you can make a thicker waistline look thinner and seemingly shave pounds off of your body. Consider the following tips when buying shirts or dresses and see how much slimmer you can look.

It’s All in the Waistline

Most women are narrowest in the area right under their breasts, just below the rib cage and before the belly fat begins. One of the best dresses to camouflage belly fat is one with a banded, ruched waistline which sits on this area of the body, slightly higher than the natural waistline. The fabric gathering effectively creates the illusion of a thin waist.

The Wrap

Another great dress which will make your waistline look thinner is one with a deep V neckline. You draw the eye from the waist and toward the face by revealing some skin in the chest and neck areas. Wrap dresses are great for this because they tie at the waist and have a V neckline. A statement necklace or a colorful scarf are two handy accessories that also serve to draw the eye away from the waistline.

The A-line

Another great dress to minimize your middle is an A-line dress. An A-line dress is narrower at the top and waist and wider at the bottom. The extra material flowing from the narrower waist creates the illusion of a smaller waistline and makes you look slimmer.

The Empire Waist

A dress with an empire-style waist is another of the best dresses to hide belly fat. The empire dress has a raised waist line, often right under the bust, and the rest of the dress falls loosely over the stomach and hips. This draws the eye line towards the face while hiding the waistline from view.


While the proper style of dress is important, another crucial factor in concealing belly fat is the dress’s pattern and material. In general, women with a few extra rolls around their waistlines should look for dresses with vertical, rather than horizontal patterns. One-color dresses in a darker color tend to be the most slimming.


Women with thicker waistlines should also choose dresses made from non-clinging materials, which only accentuate those rolls of belly fat that we want desperately to hide. By choosing material that doesn’t cling to the body, such as matte jersey, your dress will skim over your body, keeping any belly bulge out of sight.


Another important tip to remember is to choose dresses that fit. This may seem obvious, but many women believe that dresses which are a bit too large will hide their belly fat. In fact, just the opposite is true. Too much material just adds unnecessary bulk. However, don’t make the opposite mistake and choose a dress that is too small. This will only accentuate your stomach area. Buy a dress in your true size, selecting one of the styles above. You will be amazed how the proper cut and fabric will minimize your midsection.

So, get out from under those confining Spanx and breathe a little. You can look slimmer, more elegant, and most of all, more comfortable in the right dress for your shape.

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