15 Outfits to Work in Style

Be stylish every day.

Mix a striped top with a solid colored skirt for a simple yet chic look.


White and red make a perfect match in this outfit. The black belt complements the transition between the red and white perfectly.

Paris Fashion Week left a lot of surprises. This formal suit outfit is one of them. It breathes style from top to bottom.

Put on that jacket when fall comes around the corner.

Olivia Palermo looks stylish even in work attire.

Gray polka dot skirt + black long-sleeve top. If you’re in doubt, wear this. You can’t get it wrong.


All-gray dress for a simple outfit that looks great.

Geometric black & white peplum top + black skirt.

Simple, but still a great casual look.

Once again, a white dress + blue flower print just looks great for any summer day.

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