10 Fabulous Clothing Tips and Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Fashion is a tricky thing. It can be hard to carry at first but once you learn the tricks of the trade, nothing can stop you from being a head-turner. Today, we are sharing some fashion hacks and tips that will come in handy each and every day.

1. Choose your clothes wisely
Somewhere down the line, you must think of those women who know how to carry the right clothes. These women haven’t done masters in fashion; it’s just about thinking a bit more about what you are wearing. You should pick your dresses according to your body; this way you will enhance your body features. For example, wearing a pencil skirt will enrich the beauty of your long legs. Accept all your imperfections happily and love your shape.

2. Avoid makeup and deodorant blemishes
These blemishes are very hard to wash and look weird on your clothes. I know it’s very tough to avoid them. When it comes to your expensive dress, then try to wash it with warm water and if this doesn’t help then dip your dress in a bucket with some detergent for a while. Most stains come out of the garment by just rubbing it with baby wipes on oil base.


3. Go for a cozy outfit if you are going on a night out
Choosing the right comfortable outfit is very important at this stage else you will end up messing it up on this night. Start by picking the comfy footwear which is not painful than match your dress with them. Also, try to avoid heavy makeup in late night parties. Do cross check that everything is fit with no slipping here and there. At last, I would recommend you to carry a sling bag rather than handbag to keep your hands free.


4. Don’t forget to take a spare dress with you
Accidents may happen, and no one can control them. Many a time, even after taking lots of care something just happen, especially when you don’t expect it. So, it’s highly recommended to keep one spare dress with you at all times to avoid the embarrassing situations. Start by carrying one outfit to your office, like if one day your shirt’s button falls off than you don’t have to worry in that situation as you must have a spare dress with you.


5. Throw out the old things
Get rid of old fashioned clothes and update your wardrobe according to fashion trends. Take a deep look at your wardrobe today and remove all the old things out of it. This way you can save your lot of time as you don’t need to stare it for hours in search of a trendy dress. Donate your clothes to the needy people instead of dumping them. Donating is a good thing! Isn’t it?


6. Looking a dress for an important event
I know you must be spending hours to find that right dress whether be for an important meeting or any event. Whenever you go shopping; go with a plan in your mind. Considering the big picture, go shopping with a perfect hairstyle, makeup and shoes; this way you will get a perfect dress of your choice with complete satisfaction.


7. Shopping with a limited budget
This is the worst thing for a woman, but she is smart enough to overcome this problem too. Firstly, make a list of stuff you need. Secondly, try to avail some discounts or grab coupons from your friends, family or Google. Don’t just buy the thing because it’s cheap; it may be of bad quality. Don’t go for quantity, always consider the quality. Analyze the cloth by checking its lining; a good lining is a sign of chic material. Happy Shopping!


8. Check each and every angle carefully
Don’t rush things up and avoid shopping if you don’t have much time. Take a sufficient time when purchasing clothes and try each and every dress in the fitting room before taking it home. Scrutinize each angle of yourself in the mirror – if you feel good and comfortable, then the same things will be visible on your face. Some outfits look transparent in one light, so you need to check it in different lighting.


9. Belts are attractive
Even a simple and sleek belt has the power to make your outfit elegant. If you use it in the correct way, then you can make your waist look thinner adding a perfect touch to your figure. So, it’s all about picking the right belt according to your outfit; it can be of the matching material same as the material of your dress or vice-versa. The market is full of different shapes and sizes belts; choose it wisely.


10. Bags can add a spark to your dress
Being a woman, you should have different sizes (small, medium, and large) of bags in your wardrobe. It’s not like that you can carry anything out of the way. So, you need to be smarter while choosing your bag that will go with your attire. Now, it comes to what type of bags you use viz. of leather, cotton, jute, suede, et.al. The best choice is to flow with the trend and keep those in your wardrobe which is in fashion. You should have a big collection of bags to keep up their quality, and that is only possible if you switch them regularly.

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